Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thanks, Lee: You're a Hero

Where would I be if not for great backers like Lee Golub? I'll be thanking all my amazing backers, big and small here. We've already talked about super backer Rick Cavenaugh.

Next heavy hitter up... Lee Golub.

Lee's company owns a little building in Chicago called The Hancock Building.

Back in 2003 when a producer who was going to fund a film of mine died of a heart attack, at only 56, Lee rescued my budding Hollywood venture. Lee's been there many times over these last 7 years since on other equally tough spots. Hollywood is no cake walk.

Lee runs a softball team for the awesome Golub & Co., founded by Lee's father, Chicago real estate legend Eugene Golub. Lee's a real home run hitter who plays in rock band that works for free at charities.

Enjoy my video tribute to Lee who is right up there with the Ghandi, the Pope and Rosa Parks for my dream here in Hollywood.

Hey, Lee: Whenever I need a hero to keep me out of "jail" you're always who I turn to;)

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