Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is Obama a Lemon?

Is Obama like that perfect car you thought you bought only to find it was a lemon?

Too soon to tell. But it did get me thinking. And I think with film.

Those who know me from Kids Talk Politics, my acclaimed documentary about the 2008 elections, know I'm middle of the road as it gets. And near the end after Palin came into the picture we got fully behind Obama as the saner choice.

But Obama really does worry me with all his vacations, his wife on all the magazine fashion covers, his helping Wall Street before the common man and his bumbling health care plan, the reason I voted for him. The Reps are now simply obstructionists with no good ideas of their own.

Lincoln is Back is borne of Obama's stumbling start and the lack of leadership from the Right. Obama started strong but he's lost his way on the trail of leadership. So I thought, after meeting the great Lincoln actor Tom Katsis, and becoming inspired, how about we bring Obama's hero back to give the rookie president some tips?

I've been working round the clock for three weeks now. I'm dying to see if this idea catches the wave of the web.

Visit Abe on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/abelincolnisback.

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