Monday, September 14, 2009

I Play Satan on YouTube

Ever wonder why YouTube does so much site maintenance?

I'm proud to play Satan because being raised by an Irish grandmother Satan was used to scare me into behaving. I am no longer afraid of the guy and that makes me happier than you could know.

There was this Twighlight Zone episode where a man sells his soul. It ran when I was a kid and it scared the living shit out of me. I used to make scary bets with myself: "Walk this curb without falling off or you lose your soul." I trembled in bed at night, fearing the devil would kill me in my sleep.

Superman was my childhood hero. He protected me from Satan. You see some of this is a painting I did about the flames of childhood.

My nightmares were so horrible that my gramma came up with this gift of with a magical rosary. She said if I prayed the rosary each night the nightmares would stop and I'd be safe from the devil.

And it worked! I'd fall asleep each night saying the rosary.But it was OCD city for me.

I was terrified of the EXORCIST.
Couldn't sleep without the lights on for week and I was 19.

I would not be freed of my fear of the devil until I studied, or should I say devoured, the works of Joseph Campbell. He explained religion was all a beautiful form of story telling and myth. THE HERO WITH A THOUSANDS FACES set me free of religion.

My divorce docs demanded that I take my kids to mass whenever I had custody of them for my weekends. We'd sit there in this temp church in an empty store in the old North Pier Terminal, my kids, Jon and Janelle, and me, bored silly. But we'd always sneak out early and play video games! Some of first virtual reality simulators on the planet. My name was ROCK TOWER. Me and my kids got so much more out of this fantasy world than the Catholic one next door.

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