Saturday, September 5, 2009

Making a Movie about Therapy Sends me Into Therapy

Just this morning - God help me, story ideas come to me as dreams many times. Usually my worst - I tossed and turned as this dream for a wasteland story rolled though my head, score and all - likely caused by playing too much FALLOUT 3. The night's dream/film was about an Apocalypse survivor who finds shelter with a family, the loving family he's longed for his whole life, only to discover Mom, Dad, and the kiddies are not a real family but androids.

Artificial love is better than no love at all is the premise.

Hollwyood's a damn lonely town. Vegas and strip clubs - you know what I'm saying - have been my artificial antidote. I wrestled in bed for hours before realizing that Ridley Scott nailed this idea a long time ago with BLADE RUNNER. Speilberg's A.I. covers this ground too.But I like the notion enough to maybe come back to it some time. Nothing's new under the sun since Aristotle.

But while I am asleep and dreaming I can't tell what's a good story or not. - Hell, it's taken me almost the entire 7 years develop the skills to tell if my stories are any damn good while I'm wide awake and have a coffee in me. And even then I'm wrong half the time.

I used to have terrible nightmares before some amazing EMDR therapy that unleashed my creative mind. In fact, EMDR is at the core of film I wrote called STEPS.

STEPS - a Top Ten hit out of 1000s of short films when Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti's new website Triggerstreet launched back in 2002 - is the movie project that inspired me to move to Hollywood. But for which I got totally eaten alive by Hollywood sharks who I paid a small fortune to bastardize STEPS' script and make me totally miserable.

All back in 2003 while Tom Sizemore danced on my head. Here's all that have to show for spending $70,000 of my money and my investors' money learning what I already knew: Hollywood's a tough fucking town:

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