Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Making it Rain in the Desert

4 years ago, while Tom Sizemore danced on my head, I saw a video about an explosion of flowers in the Anza Borego desert. I became inspired to write a tragic love story about a newlywed couple, Jack and Maya spending their last weekend together before Jack ships out for Iraq. After Jack is killed in action Maya decides to return to the desert to kill herself. I won't spoil the ending for you. Watch the brand new HD upload here. And watch it now because you may only be able to view it on DVD in a month or so.

OK, did you watch? You may be asking how the heck did I get it to rain in the desert? And with almost no budget?

Answer: I designed a rain rig and the actors helped me build it! Gotta love indie film.

Even though DESERT SILHOUETTES has not traveled the festivals circuit like A PUPPY'S TALE OF 9/11 - With Ed Anser, because I only could afford to submit to a handful of festivals at the time, I consider this my best short film to date.

Here I am with the lead cast. The very talented Jill Stapley Ryan Huffman. It will be offered as a DVD extra on my new project LINCOLN IS BACK.

And watch our blog here for progress on Lincoln is Back.

Valnetino Tatara took the photo. He plays the Tourist who saves Maya the first suicide attempt. Fine young man who doubled as my PA. He has a bright future in film.

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