Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shawn & Shauna's Wedding - Sex Advice

The gorgeous bride and groom, Shawn and Shauna, my fantastic neighbors, allowed me to gather research for my new feature film project JELLYBEANS. It's my comedy about the elephant in the room, how important a healthy sex life is to a happy marriage.

Shawn& Shauna playfully permitted me to interview wedding couples for sex advice. Here's the only couple that stepped up to the plate but it's a homer. Look at the smiles. These guys are living proof of my comedy's premise. Great sex = Great Marriage.

In fairness to my ex I was not so hot in bed. Maybe that why she only wanted sex once a month as I talk about in the video. It was the biggest factor in our divorce because I wanted sex about every 5 minutes.

Now in my defense, there's a chicken and egg issue here. I really did become better in the sack after the divorce. How much better? I don't wanna brag but they don't call be Ken "Between the" Sheetz now for nothing;)

Here's more clips from Shawn and Shauna's beautiful wedding. I hope they follow their brother and sister-in law's advice and have lots and lots of bonding sex. The hero of JELLYBEANS is not a welder for nothing. Sex is that which welds us together as a couple is the serious moral to my hilarious Wedding Crashers style comedy.

I gave the bride and groom a big jar of JELLYBEANS for a wedding gift, which I forgot at home in all the confusion of losing my date at the last minute.

The legend JELLYBEANS, the inspiration for my feature film, is this:

If newlyweds put a JELLYBEANS in a jar for each time they have sex the first year of their marriage and then take one JELLYBEAN out each time they have sex after that first year they never empty the jar.

In my screenplay our hero, Nathan, 22, a welder from Milwaukee, is given a jar by his father and told the legend of the JELLYBEANS. So Nathan sets off to get his honeymoon off to flying start with the jar and his virgin hottie bride Darcy, but he has one small problem, the mother-in-law comes along for the honeymoon.

And now for shameless plug for some of the Hollywood people who were my fellow guests at the amazing wedding of Shawn & Shauna (who works in the biz as an entertainment lawyer). Here's a taste of some storyboards I animated and VO'd with the talented Sheila Cavelette who I met from my Discover Me show with Emmy nom John Amodeo (Samantha Who? & Arrested Development). Enjoy The Mirabellis.

It's the story of Victorio, a pizza delivery boy, who is secretly and assassin, his fat drunk brother Dominic and mama Rhea who is secretly (spoiler alert) thousands years old and mother of Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome. Set in today's Chicago Little Italy, Taylor Street. It's a blast. My favorite mix of comedy and action.

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