Friday, July 9, 2010

Facing My Shadow Self

The Souldrama Italy week flew by.  We moved through Connie Miller doors of transformation.  I was growing faster than I ever dreamed possible.

I dreaded the day when we were to face our shadow self.  Fearing the rage darkness I have hid inside myself since I was a child.

But Connie gives you tools to cope with the stuff coming up from your dark shadow self.  And one of those is understanding how we can be loved just being who we are.  She calls it "Your Moment of Love" where you reenact that first moment in life you knew you were loved unconditionally.  For me and many in the group it was with our grandmothers.  Lucky grandma's don't have the burden of raising us an can love us just who for who we are.

And I recalled Grandma Gooder making me apple pie in the kitchen in Milwaukee near Lake Michigan and hugging me to her bosom.  She patted the top of my head and said "Why, Kenny,  You're as tall as my heart."  Love... Yes, I was doing nothing but being me.  No great feats of over compensation.  I was just a kid in the kitchen feeling the love of another human being, my Grandma.

Connie taught us that day how our shadow is an important part of us not be ashamed of.  My rage is my champion not a villain.

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