Monday, July 26, 2010

Formation of the DreamShield 10/10/10: A Talk WIth Barnet Bain

I am an artist, an interior architect, builder and filmmaker and very used to visualizing things and willing them into physical reality. But the visions unleashed in Italy have a life of their own. So as I lightly doze on the flight back to LA from a social media assignment in Italy, I worry more visions might me make talk in my sleep about Galactic invasion and make a fool of myself.  I start to question my sanity.

I decide on the long flight back from Puglia not to blog or talk about the experience until I speak to a man in Hollywood I had the honor to film and get to know via BuzzBroz social media job, mega-producer Barnet Bain.

Barnet possesses a brilliant mind and is totally versed in vision work, having produced such great films as THE CELESTINE PROPHECY and, right up my alley, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME.

Here is an interview I filmed where I met Barnet.  You can almost see Barnet's amazing mind work in his talk with my BuzzBroz client Filippo Voltaggio.


My pal Ramon Govea, writing partner for a new sci-fi screenplay about wormholes and actor in my short film SCARICTY, and writer for Ancient Tomorrow, came along for the meeting with Barnet in Malibu. I still had not told Ramon what the meeting was about but he was excited to be meeting the great producer.

We meet Barnet at the Coffee Bean in Malibu. He's dressed in his typical elegant casual style I've come to admire about LA's laid back yet business style of dress. One I've yet to master.

Barnet is warm and curious and takes instantly to Ramon. As we grab our coffees the shop almost seems to tilt, ala INCEPTION.  Yep, I'm still shook by the vision.

I share the entire Italy vision story with Barnet and he listens with rapt attention.  I tell him of the vision of the energy bands assuring a gentle 2012 (read all about in the prior post). I also share with Barnet and Ramon an after vision I'd had, post Italy:


One night, as I lay awake in bed, mind racing like nothing I have ever felt before, I see the energy bands that extend from the hall in Santa Maria Del Sole, begin with a mighty groan like a trumpet, to slowly rotate. The vibrations and noise from the energy bands pierce me to my core. I'd hoped to be spared further visions and this one is even more spectacular than the one in Italy.

I continue to explain how the white energy bands, that run north and south and east and west from Santa Maria's yoga hall and Gulia's group healing, spin at incredible speed, punctuated by brilliant flashes of power like silent lightning. The bands at last blur to form a white/blue energy shield around our entire planet.

But the DreamShield 10/10/10, as I recently came to name it, is no ordinary shield I explain to Barnet and Ramon. I next saw Earth vanish... invisible in the empty void of space to the meddling ETs Sheldan Nidle talks about in his vision, safe from DNA transformation by a superior Galactic civilization.

I could not have imagined what the energy bands, which I originally mistook as a simple metaphor for the web while in Italy, are doing to protect us. Yes, the energy bands became a cloaking device big enough to hide our planet from the DNA reprogramming and drastic terra-forming and tectonic devastation of the Earth, that Nidle predicts in the 1 hour video series above, to start in November of this year.  I tell Barnet that the vision finally ends and I bolt up in bed gasping for air.

"I'm a regular Joe from a family of Wisconsin welders.  Am I losing my marbles?" I ask Barnet.

The great producer and human being reaches over to touch my arm while he looks deep into my eyes.  Barnet speaks with incredible calm, "Ken, visions can be both real and unreal at the same time. A vision's power and origins are simply a mystery we need not have a rational explanation for.  And who's to say what this can all mean?  Relish in the mystery.  And thank you for sharing this with me."

"Me too, " Ramon adds in wonder.

Barnet then shares his own past, how as a child he would see things, as I had and Ramon had, things that were not there. The experience he had as a young person of leaving his physical body. Like me.  And how our families thought hi, both strange and wanted the visions to stop. Ditto.

"I am planning a trip home in July, Barnet," I interrupt, the matter so pressing on my mind. "I come from simple Midwestern stock. I am afraid all this has changed me so much that my friends and family will think I am nuts and have me committed. Maybe I should bury all this vision stuff and just get on with my life."

"Be open and honest with your family and friends back home. You'll be a beacon." Barnet says.

And so, feeling more sane than I had in weeks, I open up to Barnet about another disturbing vision, "I was told in a dream by what could only be described as an alien that on 10/10/10 at 10:10:10 AM and PM that the Dream Shield needs to be strengthened somehow."

"Binary code!" Barnet exclaimed. "10/10/10 - 10:10:10! The date and time is all ones and zeroes!"

"Binary code... I should have noticed that myself." I groused, always too tough on myself for not being as smart as someone like Barnet.

Our talk went on for another half hour with Ramon giving amazing insights of his own on 2012 based his findings writing ANCIENT TOMORROW. Ramon filmed the whole event for us, but sadly I had some tech problems that destroyed the precious footage. But I feel confident I've done a good job of reconstructing Barnet's amazing talk for you because this talk is indelible in my mind.

Take heart.  I plan to film another talk with Barnet on this topic well before 10/10/10.  Stay tuned.

The meeting ended with all three of us feeling like brothers. I gave Barnet a Wisconsin style bear hug for all this wisdom. I was feeling better about all this vision stuff that was so new to me. Ready to embrace my Italy and subsequent vision.

Barent loved the peaceful nature of the gentle 2012 vision as a counter to all the negative images conjured up by the Mayans from so many thousands of years ago and the new interpretations of people today. Why not have a 2012 that just kicks off a new era of peace and prosperity?

On the way home to NoHo Ramon and I made a pact to break me out of the nuthouse if my family had me locked up on my visit to Wisconsin.  I was still shaky but feeling better by the minute.

But that night after the talk with Barnet another vision came to me. Again more fantastic than the last and again I would be rattled to my core...

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