Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Vision in Italy of a Gentle 2012

Connie Miller had a surprise for us to wrap up SoulDrama in Puglia Italy. A group healing with the great healer Guilia of the Yoga/Spiritual Retreat of Santa Maria Del Sole.

I picked a mat near the end of the yoga hall, once a stable. There were a few empty mats from the group members who were almost always late.

Guilia, who speaks little English, asked though her assistant interpreter, that we lay on our backs and relax. The week of working long days both in the group sessions and doing interviews with the workshop members had left me exhausted. Guilia began to chant in Italian and I gladly shut my eyes.

I’ve done meditation and EMDR therapy and had healing visualizations before but never as part of a group. Something new was happening in my head. The images were so clear.

I felt the resentment of the group incomplete state on the yoga mats vanish as celestial beings materialized and lay in the empty spots. One was right beside me. I could hear their thoughts as they communicated with me telepathically.

I thanked them for filling in the grid of students and I felt the circuitry of the group amplify. Blue/white energy crisscrossed between the group. We were a living satellite dish.

As Guila passionately chanted over us several students fell into such deep sleeps that they began to snore. Dream power now coursed through the group. Subconscious energy of enormous proportions.

I felt Connie Miller transform beside me into a white angel with a sword held to her chest. The vaulted brick ceiling became lustrous gold bars. The floor we lay on changed from oak to glass and the room became cylindrical as our groups power magnified.

I was aware how uncomfortable it was to lay oin the yoga mat on the hard floor when the ends of the long yoga hall began to extend to infinity. I am seeing all this from outer space now, A band of white energy racing north and south until the ends join.

Now bands of white energy shoot out east and west and complete another belt if energy. I am pleased by this as I imagine the reason for the bands is to get out the message of Souldrama and Santa Maria Del Sole via the web, symbolized by the conduits of energy.

The vision ends and Guilia’s assistant announce the end of the session. I excitedly ask others in the group if they felt or experienced what I did but most say they just relaxed or slept. No one seems to take what I saw, my vision of a message via the web as much. Visions in meditation are normal in the semi conscious state you enter.

A few nights later after Souldrama ended and I was getting ready to return to LA I was woken from a deep sleep by a dream in which I was given a message that the bands were more that a symbol for the web. And that on 10-10-10 at 10:10:10 AM Puglia time the bands needed to be strengthened to make 2012 a gentler shift. I wept. Why were these messages coming to me? I felt lost. Crazy.

Next day I went back to Santa Maria Del Sole and filmed this interview with Julia. As you’ll see my vision was what she was hoping for. A gentle 2012.

Guilia asked me to share any more visions I might have. I was frightened. More visions. This one was huge enough!

But sure enough a few after I returned to LA more visions came. Even more amazing ones that would nearly drive me over edge of sanity…

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  1. Hello!
    So wonderful to see Guilia, and to know how deeply this place is touching the world.
    thank you Ken, for sharing this - it is time that we all begin to share what is happening on the planet right now. Yes, there is chaos, but all birthing feels chaotic.

    We have spent time for the past three years in Santa Maria Del Sole and also time with our loving friends Guilia and Salvatore.
    While with Guilia, I also felt great Light and awareness of being held by this Light. She has surrendered to being an instrument of Truth.

    The messages I received were about forgiveness-forgiving myself and all beings and the world for anything which might be still held of blame, fear or resistance.

    Knowing that all is perfect - and we are not the doers or makers, but simply the instruments or channels. That Awareness which we all share, that Love we feel deep within, that knowing that we are innocent and eternal - and loved.
    This is unfolding.

    The earth is shaking us up due to our own vibration of fear-for all is consciousness. indeed, change is happening as we speak!
    And yes, we are protected. And to help we are being asked to sit in Presence, to ask, to pray and to surrender the belief that we are in control. And to dance, sing, laugh, play and be a lot more outrageous!

    The earth is helping bring this shift about. and in truth? We are not alone. At anytime on the planet there are many more acts of kindness and love than acts of fear, anger and hatred. We are all beginning to ask those questions which will take us from the ego mind (fear) into the heart of love and acceptance.

    All suffering and misery comes from not knowing our true nature. It is simply ignorance.
    All true traditions talk of this. We are here to learn to allow and to love and to open to the steady stream of light and knowing. For Source/God is pure Love. Any movement or belief which is not from this place is not of Truth. All fundamentalism breeds on fear, lack and Self-denial - and projects the ego's own blame and exclusivity.

    And yet the truth is that all Creation is equal and filled with God's Presence. How can any of it be less than perfect?

    We are being asked to awaken to this.

    ****We are always held in loving compassion.

    It is a time for much upheaval. And yet? All birth feels chaotic. The old paradigm is ending. Yet, many are still in fear, anger and hatred. It is the ego's field, and it is being seen for what it is. We are equal. We are stepping into that Grace.

    It is a new beginning.

    Would we really want to keep living in this old way? One night of news on the Television or radio says everything.

    We are ever held in love and protection. As more of us surrender to this, and choose a radiant peace, how much deeper this unfolding and change will be!
    Blessings, elizabeth