Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Ten Commandments

It's another rainy day in LA today, but not in the typical LA way. It's more like the rainy weather back home in the Midwest.  Rain with lighting.  We don't get that much of that here.  Mudslides and flooding abound. All we need is an earthquake, like my roomie Kim said today.

Before the rains came this week Kim Griego and I made a climb to the top of Griffith Park.  She'd never been and I was her guide.  Stories in this video about a toxic waste dump I climbed by mistake once, God, I'm bright, and my bad imitation of the Governator.

And on the way down from the mountain I got a bit Moses with the Ten Commandments of Hollywood, which have gotten me nowhere so far in Hollywood so please use with caution.

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