Monday, August 24, 2009

Birth of an Unstoppable Artist

After getting shoved into this kicking and screaming by my publicist and co-producer to blog for a documentary I did last year, Tom DeLorenzo - Hi, Tom - I'm finally blogging.

I'm Ken Sheetz, kid on the far right on the photo with my beautiful mom and awesome brother Fred.


Visit to see the brand new trailer for "A Puppy's Tale of 9/11." The short has been an official selection in eight festivals and stars the great Ed Asner, winner of 7 Emmys and 5 Golden Globes. The full short film can only be seen on of my new DVD, "Kids Talk Politics: A New Puppy in the White House"-- #1 on Amazon for the topic of kids and politics, which you can buy on the website.

Click here to read rave reviews for Kids Talk Politics from the LA Times, Reuters, The CW, Education Magazine, Pepsi's PopTub, YouTube's political page CitizenTube and more.

Because of "Kids Talk Politics" I have a lot of kid-fans who I had the honor to interview while filming a documentary about the 2008 election all across America. So I'll tell you, little pals, this blog is not for you. It's a full of a lot of silly grownup stuff better suited for your parents than you. So unless you have mom and dad's permission, please hang out with me at my family friendly page:


My 7 years in Hollywood begins in St. Francis, Wisconsin, where I was born in 1952 to two amazing people, Bill and Georgiana Sheetz.

To the left are Mom and Dad when I was only a twinkle in their young lover eyes. A striking couple, they always looked like they just walked off the silver screen.

I hope you enjoy my blog. You'll learn just how tough Hollywood really is, doubly so starting at age 50. As you can see, I won't be holding anything back. I might change a few names to protect the litigious, but everything here is 100% fact, at least from my point of view as an unstoppable artist.


  1. I look forward to following this blog, Ken. Continued best of luck. ~ Jason Usry - Triggerstreet

  2. Thanks, Jason. Do you really have a third nipple as your profile says?

  3. Oh my, How I admire anyone to go for it at any age. I am looking at my age and seeing all the competition below me and thinking, "Wow, no wonder women use botox!"

    I don't. I eat bread pudding and whipped cream to keep my cheeks, hips and boobs filled with natural fillers called fat! That's why I'm so sweet. LOL

  4. Good Luck at that age to start something new. It looks like it is going to be challenging fun.

  5. What a great looking blog! And those pictures. Wow! You are right--your parents do look as if they stepped from the silver screen.