Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reiki Ricadrdo

Through Bradley Quick I've been meeting some very cool people.  Musician producer David Longoria, radio star and producer Robert Eibach, the author of THE FOUR AGREEMENTS; Don Miguel Ruiz and his beautiful kids and niece Karla (pictured below), famous hypnotherapist Tom Silver and radio star, singer Filippo Voltaggio.

Fillippo's the guy with great hair in the photo above.  Heck, at this stage of baldness I'd settle for bad hair, hence the hat.

Life is full again.  I'm making great videos, like this meditation series I just did for Bradley's channel.  And I think his ELIMINATE FEAR AND ANXIETY message in this video is working. 

I've let go of worrying about money and I am healing from a lot of wounds.  I've even gotten so over fear that I've started roller blading again after stopping 10 years ago after breaking a wrist.

A big person responsible for the Quick Fix of Mr. Sheetz is Dorothy Donahue.  Dorothy Gale as I nicknamed her for the girl who flew over the rainbow is a Reiki master, renonwed and sought after by people all over the planet.

I'm bartering with her, doing some BuzzBroz SMM work in return for Reiki therapy and training.  Stay tuned for future blogs where we'll go behind the scenes to an actual Reiki class.  Meantime enjoy a bit of unconditional PURE LOVE from Dorothy Donahue.

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